photo-7Let us pretend there are rules, they’re our rules, their, our, rules, and let us then pretend that we intend to follow them. Let us also pretend that sometimes we intend to break them, and sometimes we break them without intending.

Let’s go at the prose with a hack saw and pretend that we have measured twice. Thrice, even. Then let’s cut anywhere halfway down the middle, disregarding the marks, in regulation orange chalk, and let the structure we build design itself around this misshapen, well-planned, recklessly executed piece of shrapnel, and let’s pretend that it’s going to turn out fine.

Let’s let the gods we’ve invented smirk from above, and the deities, having invented themselves, smirk from below, and the universe will carry on, amused or indifferent.

Let’s play this game for fun.

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