canoesComfort me. Fill my eyes with sky, and color so my mind is full and there is room for only sky, and color. Make the sky that blue. Make the ocean that full.

Let’s put out to sea in a boat and not come back soon. Let’s take the time that’s needed to let time do all the work it needs to do. Let’s cast things away into the sea. Let’s not rush about it.

This wish for time and grace to wander, across the sea, through the woods, leaving behind a trail of things unneeded for nature to care for. Let the worms come, and the insects, and the microbes, and let things decay after I have walked on. I will leave my sadnesses to decompose and nourish something else, elementally.

Let me have the sky, and time. Let me have room to breathe. Let me have a place to bury my dead, or set aflame and push out to sea. Let me set down these notions of things like love, and care, and ease, and justice that do not serve me. With a prayer, that they continue to serve others.

Let me have the sky.

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